about us

Let 15 Years of industry experience help you with all your computer needs


■ Affordable FREE DIAGNOSIS AND ESTIMATE , There is no charge if we cannot repair your computer.
■ Flat fee repair, you SAVE UP TO 80% compares to Best Buy / Geek Squad or other repair services.
Common problems that we fix:
■ Laptop powers on and gets video but the LCD monitor is very dim
■ Crack or Broken LCD & flat screen LCD TV
■ Other computer services:
roubleshoot the entire computer and test all software / hardware and give repair estimate. FREE!
■ Hardware upgrades (Desktop):
Add/replace the following parts: CD/DVD Rom drive, CD/DVD burner drive, power supply, and hard drive (no windows) Video, memory cards, System Board and Hard drive with Windows and applications install
 ■ Hardware upgrades (Laptop):
Add/remove: CD/DVD Rom drive & CD/DVD burner drive. Video, memory cards, System board and Hard drive with Windows and applications install.

Our specialities


■ We are specialized on Dell computers, but have the ability to take apart any brand of desktops and laptops. 

■ Majority of people don’t have the time adequate to wait upon tech services to repair their computer, as it normally takes weeks just to have it done. 

■ With Gabe on the job, without having to order any part your computer will be repaired in just one day for a reasonable price. 

■ No warranty needed, just bring it to us and we will get it done. 

■ There is no charge if we can’t repair your computer. 

■ Our experience expands to 15 years in the field tech service for Dell, Compaq (HP), and Emachine. 

■ We handle any other manufactures and get the right part to fix your computer rapidly. 

■ Wire & Wireless home/office networking:  

 Ethernet switch or Wireless router with wire management and wireless internet setup, share PC

 This installation includes securing your wireless networking and sharing files & printers.